Introducing: ConfigureBLUE Vehicle Restraint Offset

We're excited to announce that recent changes have been made to Blue Giant's ConfigureBLUE to allow for the offset of our vehicle restraints away from center line of the pit bay. Changes to trailer design and the increase in the number of trailers with hitch provisions have made the area in the center of the... Continue Reading →

Warehouse Safety: 5 Vehicle Safety Tips

Whether or not the workers in your warehouse operate fork lifts, lift trucks, or any other motorized vehicles, it's essential that vehicle safety is every facility manager's top priority.  While they might not be the fastest motorized vehicles, these warehouse vehicles are extremely heavy and if operated improperly or recklessly, can result in serious injury... Continue Reading →

Blue Giant Next Generation of Dock Levelers

As a leading authorized distributor of Blue Giant Equipment, Warehouse Technology is proud to announce Blue Giant's next generation of dock levelers.  These levelers will feature an updated structural design along with a brand new load classification that we talked about in a previous blog. Designed and built in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, this next... Continue Reading →

Hydraulic Dock Leveler FAQs

An impressive combination of usability and longevity, Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers are high-performance systems that operate at the touch of a button.  Being such a reliable loading dock option, it's no wonder that Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers are among the most popular choice of dock leveler for project and facility managers.  Because they... Continue Reading →

Seals & Shelters FAQs

Loading dock seals and shelters improve energy conservation, help preserve internal temperatures, and help protect products from outside contaminants.  While they are a very important part of any facility's loading dock, there's still questions about their application, which we wanted to help clarify in this blog post.   1. What is the difference between a... Continue Reading →

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